Roller Babies – Cute And Creepy At The Same Time


Evian Roller Babies international version

This entertaining video has been filmed to promote Evian. Evian is a much popular brand of luxury mineral water, it is popular among Hollywood celebrities. It is an expensive bottled water. Evian mineral water comes from several sources near Evian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva in France.

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This is very funny and entertaining video. A group of kids dance like professionals in this video. This video is computerized, and it is made for the promotion of Evian water and to entertain you guys. According to this ad, Evian water has good effects on your body. It keeps you health and active. You stay always young by your heart. In the beginning a cute kid puts the music on. He is wearing skating shoes and he moves his body on the beats of the music. Lovely music has been used as background music. Another kid jumps from over the railing. All the kids are wearing skating shoes and same type of dress. These babies are skating and dancing. They are doing some incredible hip hop moves. They pull off some impressive hip hop moves. 6 babies are laying on the ground and other kids jumps over them while skating. In another shot 6 kids are skating together and then they jump and hold on a wovan wire fence, they shake their bodies on the music and then do back flip and land safely on the ground.

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One of them does handstand and walks forward, while others roll their bodies onto the ground. In the middle of this advertisement, it is written on the screen that Evian water keeps you always young and does take care of your skin. In other shot a baby skates over a railing and others dance on the stairs. This is so adorable. Few Evian water bottles are placed on the ground with little gaps in-between and a baby skates through the gaps between bottles without touching any of the Evian water bottle. All of them smile and one baby raises his hand into the air. In the end the message given is ” drink Evian and live young”. This advertisement is really interesting and amazing. As advertising plays big role in the promotion of any thing so companies spend big bucks in making good advertisements. Most people buy products after watching advertisements. Advertising is an easy way to introduce any thing to the customers.

Thanks for watching this funny and entertaining video and i hope you liked it.

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