WOW !! Amazing four girl chair trick


Amazing four girl chair trick

If you are getting bore even when you are with your friends or you want to do something amazing, then you can try this simple and amazing 4 chair trick. You can include your friends, your kids or your family members to do this trick. It is very interesting and easy to do. This amazing trick video has been viewed on YouTube for about one million times and in addition, it has received about 8,000 likes on YouTube. It has become very popular on internet as people are sharing this video on other websites as well.

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You just need to follow the procedure and you can do it with ease. You can do this trick with three or four people. You can see four pretty girls sit on chairs and then rest their heads on each others’ knees making a small square. Then another lady pulls chairs out from their underneath backs and those girls still remain in the same square type position while resting their heads on each others’ knees without any other support. Lady pulls the chairs one b one to give them some time to adjust. It looks really amazing and awesome. These ladies keep on smiling and talking to each other in-between. Then these girls attempt to spin around while remaining in the same position. They complete the half spin but then lose balance and break the chain. All the ladies smile and cheer for their successful trick and spin attempt.

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Before doing this trick, just make sure everyone’s height is about the same, because different heights could create trouble in making chain. You can do it with 3 people, but i think 4 give the best effect. So next time when you are in a group with your friends or family members, then try this trick and have fun. Lovely music has been played in background by those ladies.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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