Amazing !! Air swimmers remote controlled flying shark


Air swimmers remote controlled flying shark

This is one of the unique coolest robotic toys i have ever seen. This remote controlled flying shark very easily and smoothly swim through the air with incredibly life-like motion. You can not even judge whether it’s a toy or a real shark swimming through the air. This can be a coolest birthday present for children. This is shown in this video that how much children love to play with this unique toy.

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It looks like a real living shark. Children get excited while watching it and start playing with it. Some people in this video are using this remote controlled flying shark to play pranks on their friends. People are flying this toy into the buses, trains and even in houses. Some people get confused and little scared when watching this shark flying through the air. Few guys use it to play prank on their friends. They send this toy into the room and the lady opening the door to come out gets scared when she watches it, and when she realizes that it’s just a toy then she smile and enjoy watching it swimming through the air. Another lady is sleeping and when she opens her eyes and watch this flying shark, she gets scared and starts panicking. I like the part near the end, when a small pet animal gets scared when it sees the shark flying just over his head, that pet just runs away immediately.

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This remote controlled flying shark is just about 4 feet long and very realistic. It’s body is easily filled with helium available at several toy stores, florist or grocery store that sells helium balloons. You can even buy your own helium tank and can fill it yourself. After filling once you can use it for about 2 weeks without refiling. You can easily fly it from room to room but you must remain in your line of sight for remote control to function properly without any interruption. There are other flying toys such as remote controlled flying helicopter but this flying shark is something which is really interesting because other toys are very common and this is something which most of us did not know before watching this video.

Thanks for watching this amazing unique toy video and i hope you liked it and would love to fly this remote controlled flying shark toy.

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