Very Funny !! Cute kid gets caught buying drinks for the ladies


Cute kid gets caught buying drinks for the ladies

This is a funny prank played by a cute little boy and a pretty little girl. He is a cute little Romeo i have ever seen, trying to charm and impress the hot ladies by buying them a drink. But he gets caught by his jealous girlfriend. This is presentation of an official YouTube channel “Just For Laughs Gags”. People around the whole world are liking this video as it has racked up millions of YouTube in just few days after it’s release. In addition, it has received about 7,000 likes as well.

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In the beginning both little kids are sitting together, girl is running her fingers through his hair. Then a waitress brings a drink for him and the boy starts staring at her, his girlfriend gets jealous and slaps him on his head. Then that kid starts charming other hot ladies sitting there. He asks the waitress to bring a drink for the lady sitting in front of him on other table. He buys drink for all the beautiful ladies coming there one after another. When waitress tells each and every lady about that boy, then all of them smile while staring at little kid buying drinks for them. He blinks his eye while looking at the ladies and shakes his hand to say hello to them. He tries everything to impress those beautiful ladies. He asks them to call him. Each and every lady respond to him and say hello in return. He impresses each of them. When he is in full mood of flirting then suddenly his girlfriend arrives there and he puts his finger on his lips asking other ladies to shut the mouth.

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She gets angry on him and asks him about all this, she even asks those ladies as well and in the end she catch him from his ear and takes him away. The ladies just keep on smiling and then another lady tells them they were just playing pranks on them. There are other so many funny prank videos by this channel and each of those is very interesting and watchable.

Thanks for watching this funny prank video and i hope you liked it and of-course the little Romes type kid and his jealous girlfriend.

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