Who Let This Bitch Drive?


An animal steals the car

All car owners must pay attention ! Your car can be stolen by anyone, even by an animal. Can you imagine, an animal steals the car ! Unbelievable. First of all let me make it clear that it is just a commercial but it is really awesome and entertaining. Hence, i have posted it on this website to entertain you guys. I do not know if such things can happen in real, anyways lets just enjoy the video. This commercial has gone viral on internet as only on YouTube it has racked up millions of views and in addition, it has received around 34,658 likes as well.

In this commercial a lady is driving alone at night. She is talking to someone over the phone and a lovely music has been played in the car. It looks very scary at night when you are alone, but it is not a scary video so do not panic. Suddenly a bitch comes and sits in the middle of the road. Lady applies sudden brakes and gets scared. She thinks like the bitch has died. She immediately does reverse the car and gets out of her car and leaves the parking lights on. She runs towards the bitch and finds her dead. She walks to the other end of the road and stands while keeping her back towards the dead bitch. Then suddenly something hilarious happens. The bitch gets up and gets into the car and closes the door. The bitch accelerates the car and drives it away. Bitch leaves the lady behind and runs away with her car.

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The animal is well trained, holding it so long and then going directly to the car. This is one of the best commercials i have ever seen on internet. I do not know about the music which was played in the background. So after watching this commercial all car owners should look after their vehicles. And this is another reason to not talk on your phone while you drive. Because you get distracted and the next thing you know you are getting car jacked by nature.

Thanks for watching this entertaining commercial and i hope you guys liked it.

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