Haha Very Funny !! Angry billy goat terrorizes town


Angry billy goat terrorizes town

This is one of the best videos uploaded on internet. On the streets of Londrina, Brazil a billy goat is threatening city people. This one is very hilarious. Goats are extremely curious and intelligent and male goats are also known for their aggressive behaviour and exploring new and unfamiliar things in their surroundings.

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In the beginning a couple is moving their bike slowly but an angry billy goat hits their bike and knocks them down. Then this angry male goat terrorizes another lady walking on the street carrying a bag. Goat follows her, that lady turns around and looks at that billy goat, when goat comes after her then she tries to threaten the goat with her hands pretending like hitting him but goat does not get scared and keeps on following her. Goat attacks her and knocks her onto the ground. A man comes to save that lady and scares him while trying to hit him with foot but something funny and unexpected happens. Billy goat now shows his anger to that man, goat leaves that lady and starts attacking that man. Lady slips from there and now that man becomes the victim. Goat attacks him 3-4 times and that man pushes goat with his hands to knock him down but goat does not stop. Then man hides behind the tree to get rid of that angry goat but could not escape from there easily. In some other shots you can see that billy goat is threatening other people as well. A man saves himself by climbing up on a pole. Even a police man becomes victim. There is a something like bell hanging around the neck of goat which makes noise when goat walks. Goat attacks a man who is filming all this from his cell phone camera. The next part of this video has been filmed by this cell phone camera.

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During this attack the camera slips form the hands of the cameraman. The attack is shown in slow motion as well. Goat hits him so hard that he loses balance and falls onto the ground, which is not very clear in the video. Through the whole video it seems like the goat was trying to defend himself by attacking people around him. Thanks for watching this amazing and hilarious video and i am sure you will watch it again and again because it will put smile on your face and will make your day.

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