Must Watch !! How to make an Apple Swan

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How to make an Apple Swan

If you are having guests over this weekend at your home then you should watch this video and try making this Apple Swan. It’s definitely going to be everyone’s favourite at the party. It is very easy to learn just because of this amazing video. As we all know chefs are very creative, so Chef John Mitzewich is going to tell us that how to make an apple swan. Just simply watch it and follow the instructions and keep on practising before the party.

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In the beginning you can see a bird made of apple slices. It is actually very decorative and completely edible. To make this apple swan take an apple of any colour and you also need knifes to cut it in small and required pieces. First of all cut off a little bit of the bottom to give it a nice pace and then cut one more slice about quarter of inch thick that’s going to be the neck and head of the swan. Now place the apple flat down and make one cut down about 2/3rd of the weight straight down just of stalk and then go in from the side at the 90 degree angle until you hit the cut that you made coming down. Make sure to cut it properly because straight lines are very important to give perfect look. Once you take out that section you gonna go in about 8th of inch to quarter of inch straight down but don’t cut the way through, stop at about 8th of inch from the bottom, then you turn it into the same thing on the other side and that’s gonna give you a section that’s gonna pull out and that’s how you going to form the wings. So again you gonna cut straight down parallel to the edge, then you gonna flip it again and go straight down in, you only gonna cut far enough to reach the cut you just made before. And you gonna keep doing that 3 to 4 times. 3 times look pretty good but 4 times look much better than 3 times. Do that on both sides with equal cuts. Forming a neck is little bit difficult and to form that take the piece which you have cut in the beginning. Use the natural curve of the apple. Just cut off sort of swan neck, head shape, once you have the neck cut out, take the tip of your knife and make a little square natch, once you dig that out you can dig it little deeper until you have a deep enough for the neck to fit in. Now spread out the wings and your apple swan is ready.

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You just need to watch this video couple of times to learn this and thanks for watching this video this time and i am sure you will certainly try this at your home.

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