Funniest & Best bike race ever on earth


Best bike race ever on earth

If you are a fun and sports loving person then you need not to watch separate videos for both, here is the video which gives you the taste of fun and a best bike race ever on earth. This bike race is organized every year on 17th August in Indonesia to celebrate the independence day. Beautiful track has been used as background music which is “Teman Makan Teman” by Lolita.

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This is a game of skills and balance. If you want to participate in this game then you should be ready to swim into the brown water swimming pool. This game seems harder than it looks. It is very difficult to make it to the end. The key to win the game and getting across is speed. The track is very thin and made of wood. The rule is that the participants have to reach other end on a bicycle without falling into the water. Total 17 participants are shown in this video and none of them could make it to the end. A man starts the game by showing flag. There is another boy doing live commentary. Audience is sitting onto the ground around the water pool and enjoying the game. The 6th participant makes it near to the end but falls into the water just before finishing the game. The way 11th participant falls down is very funny. The other participant who could make it near to the end is 13th. He does even better than number 6th. People cheer for each participant by clapping. This is very interesting, entertaining and funny game ever happened on earth. You can imagine how difficult this game is, it would be nice to see someone make it to the end but nobody could.

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Some participants could not even make it to few feet. They fall into the water in very funny way. This game is very safe as well, there are very less chances of participants getting hurt because of the mud pool. I wish i could take part in this game and enjoy swimming in this brown water pool. Most people would love to fall into the water rather than getting across without getting wet. This game is cheap and easy to organize and is full fun and entertainment.

Thanks for watching this best video and i hope you like and would love to take part in this game.

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