Must Watch !! Knife guyz with amazing talent


Knife guyz with amazing talent

You might have seen so many people with amazing talent and skills but have you ever seen anyone showing his talent and skills with knife ? These knife guyz are really incredible and mind blowing. They are playing with knifes without any fear of getting hurt or injured.

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A guy has put his hand on the table and another guy is hitting the knife in-between his fingers. Then he goes little far and throws knifes from distance. Incredibly all three knifes hit in- between the fingers without even touching fingers of the guy standing next to the table while keeping his hand on the table. This is something awesome i have ever seen in my life. Another knife guy shows an apple and a knife to the camera and then throws that knife into the air and catches that into the apple in the other hand. Then he takes another knife and pretends like he is about to throw it, then finally he throws into the air towards his back and then again catches that knife into the same apple, then he pulls out the slice of apple cut by both knifes and eats it. It way he cuts the slice from the apple is really amazing. After this something more incredible and amazing happens. There are two guyz in this act, one of then is holding knifes into his hands and second one shows three apple to the camera in his hands. Then he throws one apple along the wooden wall and first guy hits that apple with the knife in his hand and both apple and knife get stick to the wall.

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Then knife guy shows two knifes to the camera and holds those like a v shape in his hand. When second guy throws both the apple at the same time along with the wall then immediately the guy holding knifes kicks those knifes to hit the apple and then both apples get stick to the wall. Then they both take the apples off the wall and eat those. These guyz are really fantastic and are blessed with amazing skills and talent. This video has millions of views on internet. Some people say this is fake and edited. Few says they use magnet in their performance, but according to me instead of judging them we should enjoy this video and their skills. Even if we agree that it’s a fake video, even then someone needs to be highly skilled to edit this kind of video. So really hats off to these guyz.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it and please do not try it, you can get hurt.

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