Amazing Talent !! Tricking battle white lotus closing 3 on 3

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Tricking battle white lotus closing

These guys are really awesome, they seriously have an amazing talent. This video was shot in the training room of white lotus martial arts center on March 24, 2012. White lotus is located at Reseda, CA. This martial arts center offers classes for White Lotus Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Chi Kung/Meditation, Parkour & Freerunning, Tricking/Acrobatics, Self defence and Weapons & Forms.

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This center provides all health related facilities to their members. It has 10,000 + square foot facility, Olympic Palmer spring floor, Padded training floors, wooden multipurpose room, free weights & cardio equipment, hanging heavy bag section, Aussie bed trampoline, pads, mats and other equipment. In this video lot of guys performing amazing stunts such as flips, tricking, handstand, corkscrews, b-twist and many more incredible moves. It seems like they are divided in two teams and they are competing with each other. Beautiful music has been played as background music. The guy in white T-Shirt gives the signal to start the competition. All of them show their amazing moves but the guy in black beats them all, he is the master of this competition. His each and every move is watchable and unbeatable. The dude in blue is doing pretty basic moves and it seems like he is still learning tricking. Few of them are disrespectful but it seems like a part of the act.

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It requires lots of energy and practise to become master in this tricking game. They are taunting each other to make each other more aggressive and more energetic. The gathering around them is cheering for them. They all clap on each and every move of the members of both teams. Sometimes 2-3 members comes together on the floor and show their moves. Near the end whichever the move the guy in black does, the shirtless guy repeats them all. Back flips is the most common move among all the members. They rotate their bodies at high speed while jumping in the air. It seems like the guy in black and shirtless guy are leaders of their respective teams. In the end the guys on the left win this game and members of both teams hug each other to show the game spirit. You can find more videos on internet about this tricking game. This is very popular among Americans young guys. The risk of getting injured is always there in such kind of games but they perform all this on mats for the safety purpose.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it and would love to learn such kind of moves.

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