Must Watch !! Hilarious performance by naked men

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Hilarious performance by naked men

You might have seen so many dancers giving amazing performances on the stage in front of huge audience but have you ever seen naked men performing on the stage in front of huge audience without showing sensitive parts of their body ? If not yet, then now is the chance for you to watch two naked men giving awesome and hilarious performance on the stage.

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Fine brothers performed on 15-02-2014 in a show hosted by Patrick Sebastien in France on the music Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5. I must say that Hungarian Dance No. 5 has never been put to such a great use before. The host Patrick Sebastien’s real name is Patrick Boutot. It’s difficult to elaborate his talent in words. He does so many things by his own. He himself is blessed with amazing talent. He is all in one, he is a French television host, producer, singer, writer, classy personality, radio host, director, impressionist entertainer, comedian, TV and film actor and former president of the French rugby team. Patrick is sitting on the table with other judges and asks two young men to start their performance and these two young men are known as fine brothers. One of them enters on the stage holding a white towel in his hands, covering his sensitive parts with, and gives signal to his partner to come on the stage by shaking his head. Then his partner comes on the stage in same condition, naked and covering lower part of his body with a white towel. They move the towels all across their bodies and never show their lower parts of body, except for a fraction of second at about 2.14. They perform this act so beautifully, as they have included some dance steps in their act. I like the way they both get stuck with each other and try to separate themselves from each other.

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Near the end one of them loses his towel and then picks a small piece of cloth to cover his sensitive parts. It was really hilarious. If you look at the face impressions of the ladies sitting in the audience, it seems like they are waiting for the towels to slip form their hands, but these guys are to good to let the towel go. They are way too professional, their timing is so perfect, it left nothing other to enjoy. I have never seen something like this performance in my whole life. In the end of their act they both use one towel to cover lower parts of their bodies. They receive a standing ovation by the audience and they both take a bow and leave the audience stunned with their performance.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you enjoyed this performance.

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