Funny Compilation !! Kids at the zoo


Kids at the zoo

This is very funny compilation. Kids are visiting different zoos along with their family members and they are interacting with their favourite animals. These animals are kept behind the strong glasses for the safety of the people who come to watch them. Kids look very excited and happy after watching all these animals.

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In the beginning a kid is standing next to a mirror in a zoo, just look at the lion behind that glass, he tries to attack that kid. The kid is unaware of the lion’s attack and smiling while looking at the camera. Lion scratches on the glass and when that kid turns around and looks at the lion, he gets scared. In another clip a little cute girl copies the actions of a monkey. In another clip a monkey rubs his tongue on the glass and little girl also kisses on the glass. Most amazing scene is when a zebra eats something from the cup in the kid’s hand. A girl is sitting just next to a mirror and watching a crocodile behind that mirror. Crocodile attack on her and that girl gets scared and shouts. Just because of the mirror protection all these kids are safe. A man pretends like he is putting his finger into the lion’s mouth. A lion tries hard to break the glass and to catch the kid playing on the other side of the glass. Most funny scene is when a lioness pees on the glass. Most scary moment is when a beer attacks on the group of young guys sitting to give a group pose for the camera. A little girl is staring at the lion behind the glass and when lion comes closer, the girl gets scared and runs away.

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The compilation is very funny and entertaining. It is so cute to watch all those kids interacting with animals. We all should look after animals because they are the most beautiful creations of the God on this planet.

Thanks for watching this amazing and funny video and i am sure you will watch it again and again.

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