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The most hilarious show

Laughter is the best medicine for good health. You might have watched so many comedy videos on internet but this video is at the top in funny videos’ list. The video has become very famous on internet with millions of views and likes and has become the most downloaded video clip in several countries. This 9 minute clip is famous by the name of “Dad at comedy barn”.

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Comedy barn is a comedy show owned by David Fee and Jim Hedrick. This Comedy barn theater is located in Pigeon Forge, United States. This comedy show is host by award-winning comedian Eric Lambert. Eric calls few people among audience at the stage and asks them few questions and kind of bop them on the head to music to make it look like they are singing as those people move their jaws pretending like they are singing. In this episode a man from Memphis comes on the stage with two other men. His name is Doug Collins. The laughter of this man is amazing and different. When he starts with that laugh, the whole routine kind of goes out the window. He makes all the audience laugh along with himself because of his laughter. He makes such noise that nobody could stop laughing in the audience even the host Eric himself. Doug keeps on laughing and as the audience.

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Eric says that he has really kind of lost it and abandoned the routine. He knows that nothing can compete with this laugh so he gets a microphone to record this amazing laughter. After that show the team of comedy barn show calls Doug in almost every show and show his laughter to the audience and it works in every show of comedy barn. Even Doug has become famous among all the people of the country through this clip from comedy barn. Actually Collins’ son uploaded this video on internet very first time and he said that is his father’s real real laugh. This video is spreading virally on internet. Comedy barn is one of the best hilarious shows on TV. Almost every year the show has new cast members, new routines, new jokes and new country, gospel and patriotic music. I have never seen such funny video clip before featuring a man having amazing and funny laughter. And a part of credit goes to Collins’ son as well who uploaded this funny video featuring his father. This video is making millions of people smile.

Thanks for watching this video and whenever you feel stress then make sure to watch this video clip, i am sure this will make your day.

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