Must Watch !! Police officer helps crying mother duck in the city


Police officer helps crying mother duck in the city

The world is a great place and is all ways getting better. There are both kinds of people living on this earth, good and bad. Humanity is still alive just because of good people. Helping each other is a good thing, it gives us an internal peace and a happiness. When you help someone, you feel better. This beautiful video shows us the good sight of human beings. It tells us about so many things. Humanity, kindness and a mother’s love for her children.

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In the beginning you can see a duck is crying for her children and seems like seeking for help. Her small children are stuck into a sewerage. She is moving all around to find the way to get her children out. Then 2 ladies police officers come to help that duck. One of them removes the cover off that sewerage and then brings a box to put the small children into it to get them out. She puts all of them into that small box and then takes that box out to keep all those small birds into a big and spacious box so that she could move them to any safe place. I am surprised that duck is not attacking those police officers. Generally ducks attack those who come close to their children. But this time i think duck knows that these police officers are helping her. The little birds are very cute. You can watch the duck following that police officer who is carrying the box the small birds are into. Officer takes that box to a water pond and leaves those small cute birds into the water. The duck seems very happy after getting her children back, even small birds goes to their mother immediately after left into the water and joins their mother to swim. Then that duck moves away along with her children.

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This is so cute and wonderful watching this video . It shows the kindness of those ladies police officers and shows the caring nature of a mother to her children. How amazing mothers are. All mothers are same, whether its animals or human beings. Mothers always care for their children. You can hear that police officer laughing in the end after helping that duck. Helping nature keeps you happy and healthy. So we should always help each other without expecting any favour in return.

Thanks for watching this video and i am sure you like it and from now onwards try to help others without the expectation of fruit.

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