Must Watch !! Something you have never seen before


Something you have never seen before

This video shows you something which you might have never seen before. If you are a dance lover then this is the one of most awesome videos for you to watch, if you are not even then you will love it because something very beautiful and kind of captivating happens in this video.

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The dance group in this video is one of the best Georgian folk dance groups. The video was shot during a rehearsal session before the final performance. All these dancers are Georgians and the dance type is Lezginka dance. There are two types of Lezginka dance and this one is known as Mountain dance. It originates from people of the Caucasus originally from mountain parts and varies by nationality. This one is the hardest, powerful, fast, captivating and one of the most beautiful dances of all. This is very unique type of dance in which performers change positions in less than even one second, one often breaks down to sit on the knees and then jumps back up to a different position and then changes again. Women also participate in this dance but they do something different which is not at all alike what the men do. Women dance in pairs and like swans that are so graceful they appear to glide over the floor on a cloud and men dance like stallion, kicking and jumping with their heads high.

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In rehearsal they all are wearing black but when they perform on the stage then men and women both wear traditional costumes, men wear a sword adorned on their side and women in long, flowing dresses. If i am not wrong, this is the only dance form which looks equal graceful whether it is performed solo, couple or as a group dance. Men dance in quick and concise steps and women dance quietly, taking light and small steps. One thing more which is really interesting about this dance that when this dance is performed in pairs, the couples do not touch; the woman acknowledges the man, and dances discreetly about him.

This is really amazing and something seems very natural and beautiful. All of these guys performing in this video are highly skilled and trained because one can not copy these steps without proper training. This takes years of exercising, a lot of pain, good balance and other so many things to learn this type of dance. In beginning this started as a normal dance but after about 10 seconds this turns into one of the most beautiful and captivating dance on this planet.

Thanks for watching this video and i am sure that you are really impressed by these dancers.

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