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Big tree relocating process

Whenever we shift to a new place, then we move all the stuff as well to the new place besides our favourite trees, because we can not relocate big trees, hence we plant new trees. But you would be surprised when you watch this machine, relocating big trees very easily. This is an amazing and interesting invention of Crawford Howard E. In this video you will see Vic Roads relocating a big tree for the Clyde Road upgrade. Vic Roads is a statutory corporation which is the state road and traffic authority in the state of Victoria, Australia.The tree relocation process happened in December 2011. A truck comes having a machine loaded onto its back.  When it starts working then quarter-spherical shells equipped with cutters at the edges surrounds the tree. Then a man makes cutters active and these cutters dig a hole and receive a ball of earth containing the roots of a tree. When the tree is loaded onto the truck then workers clean the sand off the machine and tie the long branches of the tree together, and the bucket is tilted so that the top of the tree is lowered to avoid striking overhead and sideways obstacles while being transported . At the new location a hole is already dug and that machine places the ball of earth in the previously dug hole. After that you can see gardeners are watering that tree. There is a no. marked on this tree which indicates that 8 trees were relocated at that time one by one. They are filling the space left in the hole and covering the roots of the tree with sand with the help of a mini loader.



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Transplanting an established tree is not an easy task not even with this machine, yes it can be moved but there are other concerns which need to be considered first before moving a big tree, like the age, height, length of the roots of the tree. It is important that a tree should be moved to a receptive environment. There are some objects as well of this invention to provide a machine which is capable of doing multiple tasks, such as digging a hole, carrying the material dug from such hole to the desired place, transporting such ball of earth without spilling from the bucket when the bucket is tilted into position for transportation and to design the machine that certain movements of the mechanism are assisted by gravity. But anyways this machine is amazing and is the only medium to relocate such big trees. This machine is commonly used in Australia.

Thanks for watching this video of big tree relocation by this incredible machine and i hope you like it and you like the technology as well.

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