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One of the most dangerous roads in the world-Travelling can be a passion for anyone, but not in most cases when the risk of life is involved. We get scared even when we dream of dangerous things,so travelling through a most dangerous road is something which most of us do not want to do. This video shows one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Few men are travelling in a SUV through the most dangerous, scary, and exciting road of India. This road from Killar in Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh leads you to Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir. They are recording their journey in a camera. They are looking outside and they are little scared while looking at the depth. If we throw a stone from this height then it takes around 10 seconds to reach the ground, now you can think of the depth of this valley. They are smiling and i think ultimate fear makes people laugh.

The tyres of the car are almost touching the edges of the road. Suddenly the driver stops the car because it is about to duck under a rock roof. One man gets down out of the car and guides to way through the rocks until the car reaches the top of this inclined mesa-like formation. The man inside the car gives an idea about the depth, around 2000 feet. There is a river flowing on the ground. One of them admits that this is the first time in his life he is travelling through this kind of dangerous road. And then they see waterfall dropping hundreds of feet on the road. The other man gets back in the car and they drive towards that waterfall. When they reach near the waterfall then they close all the opened windows of the car and stop filming to protect the camera from being damaged by water. The water falls on the car and flows over the mirrors look simply amazing. They all enjoy this moment and record all this from inside the car. Some water enters inside the car as one of them forgets to close the window and some clothes and seat become wet. One of them confirms this by saying that nobody can sit on this seat now.

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If i have to travel through this road ever in my life than i would rather prefer to walk or i would consider a motorbike, because enough space is left on both sides of the road while riding a bike. So it reduces the danger. Thanks for watching this video and i am sure you don’t want to travel through this kind of roads ever in your life. But if in case it happens to anybody than it will be a memorable journey of his/her life and i wish them luck.

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