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Dog enjoying a ride on a bicycle like a baby child


Dog enjoying a ride on a bicycle like a baby child

This amazing video was shot in china. A man is riding a bicycle and a sweet dog is sitting at the back and enjoying ride. During the whole video the dog stays calm and seems like a baby child is sitting at the back.  Dog perfectly maintains the balance while sitting in normal position as they use to sit on the floor . Sometimes it is difficult even for human beings to maintain the balance but here the dog looks quiet comfortable. For more amazing videos click here The dog is not even scared and enjoys everything around him. Dog behaves absolutely normal and looks like he is use to do all such things in his daily life. You might have seen different dogs doing different activities but this is one of the unbelievable natural thing done by any dog. At very first look it seems like a man is carrying a teddy-bear until the dog moves his head. As we all know that the dogs are very intelligent and learn things quickly so this is the video which proves all that. Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it. You can find other interesting videos on hitpunjab.net For more funny videos click here

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