Top 10 Bike Fails Loading Unloading


Bikes loading unloading fail compilation

We always protect our vehicles even from getting any scratch over its body but these guys are not really caring their bikes. They get their bikes damaged while loading/unloading. This is the top 10 bike loading/unloading fail compilation.

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A guy is trying to unload his bike off a pickup truck using a loading ladder but when he tries to hold the bike while jumping onto the ground, he loses balance and gets his bike slipped from the ladder. Another guy is going to load his bike into a pick truck while performing a stunt, but he could not do this properly, fortunately he does not loses balance and gets his bike back onto the ground without any scratch on it. A man pushes his bike with speed to load it into the pickup truck but ends up throwing it onto the ground. Another man does the same but this time while riding on it, but at the last point bike slips form the loading ladder and falls onto the ground and takes the rider along with it. A man successfully loads his bike into the truck but then bikes comes back after striking with an obstacle already placed in the truck.

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A guy tries to load his four wheel bike into the truck but could not do it successfully. Another man tries to load his bike onto the truck but ends up falling onto the ground along with his bike. One man successfully loads his bike into the truck but hits the back of truck itself and falls down onto the ground leaving his bike into the back of the truck. The last guy manages to control his bike in the first failed attempt but when he tries second time then he could not control it and ditches his bike.

Its funny how everybody is worrying about the bikes not the ones who fell.

Thanks for watching this funny and amazing compilation of failed attempts of loading/unloading bikes and i hope you liked it.

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