WOW !! Human powered free running machine


Human powered free running machine

This is an amazing video featuring world-class free runner Jason Paul and his team doing amazing stunts and performing a simple task in a complex manner. Human powered freerunning machine is a cool thing. It looks absolutely amazing, its like a kid on the playground running around and trying new things.

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Jason starts freerunning machine in his own way, which looks very cool. Once it has been started then it does not stop at all till the time it reaches to the last object. This is a complex machine made of many obstacles and new things. Each obstacle transfers the motion to the next thing and so on. New things which we can not even imagine come in its way. Jason Paul can be seen jumping between upturned shipping containers seconds before they fall like dominoes. Watching him is like watching superman jumping from over the roofs. Everything has been fixed and attached very wisely, it consists of a large-scale chain reaction that demonstrates the timing, precision and playfulness of the sport. In the end Jason and his team mates give pose to the camera fixed as a last object in this chain.

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Jason Paul, born on 18 March 1991, lives in Frankfurt Germany. He started doing all this in 2005 and still he is very passionate about this sport. He started this after watching a video tape from his friend, after that there was no looking back for him. He has won many competitions till now. He tool first place in both Boston and Vienna back in 2010. He is also a regular champion at Red Bull Art of Motion. Jason has made so many free running video and this one is one of his latest movies.

If we talk more about him, he got a good support from his parents and he loves eating all kind of food and likes German hip hop music. Now rooftops have become pathways and obstacles have become opportunities for him.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it. I am sure this video will spark off your interest in free running.

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