Watch a lion saves a baby calf from another lion attack


Lion saves baby calf

We all have a perception that lions can not be anyone’s friend, especially with other animals. They always hunt other animals for food. But in this video you see a kind lion who saves a baby calf from another lion attack. This is really cute watching a kind lion showing kindness towards a helpless baby calf.

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Few tourists are filming a baby calf waling alone in an open field. After some time a lion comes towards him and it looks like he is going to kill this baby calf for his food. It does not happen, and the thing which happens next, surprises us all. Lion runs after baby calf but does not attack him. After some time when baby calf gets tired then he stops and the lion starts playing with him. Baby calf keeps on hitting him with his head but lion does not react that much. He pretends like biting calf on his neck and seems like trying to calm him down by rubbing his paws over calf’s head. But calf does not stop. Then suddenly another lioness comes there and attacks that calf but the first lion protects him and saves him form the lioness. The lioness steps back and leaves him with lion.

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It seems like they are friends forever. But one thing which is very unclear in this video that whether the lion was protecting him or saving him for himself when he starves. Because this is a safari lion so they get enough to eat and they always attack other animals for their food. So there is a possibility that officials intentionally left this baby calf here for the tourists’ entertainment and most probably the calf was eaten later on by the same lion protecting him. It could be possible that the lion was not hungry at that time and when he knows that the calf is small and helpless so he started playing with him. Anyways, if we do not think about what happened after, and we just talk about this video then it shows absolutely different face of a lion and i am sure you all love this kindness shown by a lion towards that helpless baby calf.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you all liked it.

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