Haha !! Animals making funny sounds – Funny animals compilation


Very funny animals compilation

Sometimes animals are very funny, they put smile on your face with their little cute activities. Whether you are an animals lover or not, this funny compilation is certainly going to make you laugh, so get ready for fun. In this video you see different animals making funny sounds and noises.

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A little kid is making noise and a pet dog helps him to make it little louder by making the same noise in his own funny tone. A white dog is practicing while listening to a song, as he wants to become a singer. A dog is producing same sound as by the person filming him. There is another dog who is fond of music, while listening to song he produces his own music, very talented dog, certainly will become a music director. Another dog is listening to a song and reacts to it, can understand whether he likes it or not. A man is playing a guitar and his dog is singing. I think they are planning to record an album. Another dog is enjoying the music and singing in his own unique style. A dog repeats whatever the lady says, very impressive.

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Another cute dog repeats whatever the lady says. This clip was recorded on August 24, 1999. A dog makes the sound of police siren, very soon he will be patrolling in the streets. A cat makes funny noise as she is trying to say something. Another dog repeats after a lady. A black cat is making a noise like a very old lady. Few cats are making noises like kids make. These all look very funny. A man is talking to an animal, when that man asks anything to that animals then the animal spits on his face and makes a noise like he is not agree with that man and denying him. Two goats are making funny noises together. When a goat listens to a man producing some music with any instrument then it reacts to that music. An animal takes its tongue out and makes funny faces. A man is talking to his parrot and when he instructs him then parrot shouts on him in return. This is very very funny and my favorite clip from this funny compilation. A person is touching his parrot and that parrot asks him not to touch him, parrot says ” don’t touch me”, really amazing. Another parrot is making a sound and enjoying it, seems like doing hip hop.

Thanks for watching this funny compilation and i hope you liked it.

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