This is called True Friendship, True Friends Do this when you need them.

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This is called true friendship –This is really funny video of two friends. They both have a strong bond of friendship between them, but not really. I think this is the funniest video i have ever seen on internet. If i am not wrong, this video clip has been taken from one of Hollywood comedy movies. I don’t remember name of the movie but i think i have watched full movie couple of years ago. Anyways, i am sharing this video just for you guys, hope you like it. The video was first uploaded by Sobia Madam.The video starts from a jungle,where two soldiers are patrolling together. They both have rifles in their hands and keeping eyes on surroundings. They are watching in left right directions but none of them watches down towards the ground. There is a landmine placed onto the ground but they do not see that. One of the two soldiers passes from a side but the other soldier coming behind places his foot over the landmine. For those who don’t know, a landmine gets activated when it comes under a heavy thing. So when the soldier places his foot over the landmine, it gets activated and sounds an activation alarm.

The soldier walking in the front hears that noise and immediately it comes to his mind that the other soldier has activated the mind unintentionally. He gets scared and looks back, just to make sure he shakes his head and seems like asking other soldier that whatever he is thinking, is not true, but the other soldier confirms it by shaking his head too. Then first soldier raises his head and asks him to stop wherever he is standing right now. He puts his gun down and goes to the other soldier. He lay down onto the ground, removes the soil and grass from around the mine to make it more visible. The second soldier is very scared. Then the first soldier helps his friend and uses his mind. He holds his shoe which is placed over the mine. He puts his required weight over his shoe and asks him to take his foot out. The second soldier does the same but he does not stop for his friend. When he finds himself out of the trouble, he just runs away and leaves his true friend alone in the trouble.

This is funny video but it shows the reality. It happens even with most of us. Sometimes we help someone but they create troubles for us in return. But that does not mean that we should never help others.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you guys liked it.

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