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This Man Is Doing Something Bizarre That You May Want To Know –In this video a man shows 8 water tricks that will definitely melt your mind. These water tricks are really bizarre. This video was uploaded on YouTube about a month ago and in short time it has racked up millions of YouTube views and in addition, it has received about 26,000 likes as well. After watching this video even you guys can try these tricks at your place. If i talk about myself, i have already tried all these tricks at my home and all these water tricks really worked.First trick is water illusion trick. Place a paper and draw arrows on it. Then take a glass and fill it with water, then slide this glass in front of the paper, when you will see those arrows through the glass, this time you will find that arrows are pointing towards the opposite to the actual direction.

Second trick is pepper trick. Take a bowl and fill it with water and then add some pungent hot-tasting powder into it. Then dip your any finger into the water, you will find some powder stick to your finger. Now take a drop of liquid soap and place it at the tip of your finger. This time when you dip your finger, the powder moves away and sticks to the edges of the bowl. Next trick is water and jack. Take two empty glasses and a Jack Daniels small bottle. Fill one glass with Jack Daniels and other glass with water. Take any ATM card and cover the water glass with it, just make sure to leave uncovered little bit. Then flip it over the other glass and create a small gap. After some time you will see that the water flows into the other glass and Jack Daniels flows towards up and gets into the upper glass, which was filled with water. This reaction takes some time as both the liquids flow slowly. You will watch other so many interesting tricks which includes Fireproof Balloon trick, Laser trick, Glowing Tonic water trick, Water Suspension trick and Instant Freeze trick.

These all tricks are homemade tricks,which you can easily try anywhere. I thing now you have few things to try today.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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