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Innovative Indian cutter –¬†Do you want to learn how to cut salad easily and fast ? Watch this video of a man demoing an innovative Indian cutter. With this knife you can easily cut the salad losing the risk of hurting your fingers. The video was recorded by Neeta Kolhatkar & Mahafreed Irani. They published this video on December 9, 2012 and since then, this video has racked up about 6 lakh YouTube views and in addition, it has received about 700 likes. Just like the video¬†the product itself has not become popular in the market, but still it’s a good Indian knife innovation.

An Indian salesman at Colaba is demoing an innovative Indian cutter. Few people are gather to see this unique knife demonstration. Salesman is cutting vegetables to show how this knife works. This knife can be used for peeling and slicing. Knife automatically removes the outer skin of onion and cuts it in small pieces. You can make spiral twirls of a carrot using this knife. You can easily use this knife for chopping as well. The technique is very simple. To make this knife, a sharp blade and a screwdriver type thing are used and to cut the vegetable just pass the long pin through the vegetable and then attach the blade to it. Then just roll the blade across and the salad is ready to serve. Just for the demo the salesman has cut so many vegetables.

A man asks for the price as well, then the salesman reveals the price, 50 rupee for one knife. I live in India but i have not seen this knife in market. Even i am watching this kind of knife first time. I think this innovative cutter could not make place in Indian kitchens. But anyways, it is an really innovative cutter which can help a lot in kitchen. Let’s see if in future it makes it’s place in Indian house kitchens and restaurant kitchens.

If we talk little about the channel the video was published on, it’s not any news TV channel, it is a Mumbai’s first video wed news channel run by two curious journalists.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you are also impressed by this innovative Indian cutter.

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