Funny !! Nightmare just turns real – Clown axe scare prank


Clown axe scare prank


This prank video is scary and at the same time its funny too. Nightmare just turns real in this clown axe scare prank. A man is dressed as a clown and scares people walking in the streets. The video was first posted by “TheRoyalStampede” YouTube channel and it has racked up millions of views and in addition, about 16,554 likes as well. Richy and Mark both have done so many pranks and they have posted all the prank videos on their channel.

In this prank video Richy is dressed as a clown, holding an axe in his hands and he is ready to terrorize the local neighborhood. In the beginning four boys are waling down a street and clown suddenly appears in front of them. All of the guys get scared and runs away from there. A driver is about to stop his car at the red light but when he sees a clown having an axe in hands, the driver accelerates the car and never looks back. Another couple gets scared and escapes from there. People waiting on bus stop and railway station get scared when they see a clown, they start shouting and run away.

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The best part of the video is when Richy tries to scare a man walking alone in the night, but unexpectedly that man does not get scared and asks the clown to throw away the axe. When clown throws the axe away then that man pushes him and knocks him down. Richy tells him that it is just a prank and the cameraman too runs towards them to handle the situation. That man scares the pranksters by threatening them to come back within 10 minutes with his friends, but he never comes back. Some victims do not have nowhere to run and that is the most funniest part of this video. This is one of the best prank videos i have ever seen. Because of the poor lightning during the night time, some of the reactions are unusable. The clown makeup was done by Sarah.

Thanks for watching this funny clown axe scare prank video and i hope you guys like this video but you guys please never try to play pranks on someone because sometimes such pranks can harm somebody.


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