Really Amazing !! Crane climb 500 ft featuring Mustang Wanted ! Scariest video ever


Crane climb 500 ft featuring Mustang Wanted

This guy is not scared at all from anything. Mustang Wanted  is racking up millions of YouTube views with his amazing and scary video about climbing up a crane at 500 ft off the ground. There are other so many videos on internet which are very scary but this is one of the best videos i have ever seen on internet.

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This guy is an athlete from Kyiv, Ukraine. He was born on January 21, 1987. This guy loves playing with danger and putting his life at risk. This time he is walking on a crane which is at the height of 500 ft from the ground. He is walking on a thin metal rod of the crane. The crane is mounted at the top of the building under construction. He walks on it without any support and without any fear. He is not holding any part of the crane or anything else. Everything on the ground looks very small from this height. There is one more camera mounted on his cap to take some more amazing shots. He changes his clothes and then again walks on that thin rod. He swings his arms into the air and climbs over another thin pole sloping upward.

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He moves from one rod to another while hanging on it. He does some more scary stunts there, he does pull ups and holds the rod with just one hand and hangs on it. When he hangs on his just one hand, he swings his second hand into the air and gives pose to the camera. The paint went on his hands. I am really impressed by this guy. This is very hard to watch, so you can imagine how difficult it could be to do all this.

This video is filmed by Natasha Sadovskaya. Lovely music has been used as background music Logic – The Come Up (Young Sinatra : Welcome To Forever)

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it and please do not try this at all because these stunts are performed by a professional. So do not attempt to recreate any activity performed in this video. Even if you think that you can do that, you are putting your life at risk because none of us is as trained as this guy is.

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