Must Watch !! Dogs get confused by a simple magic trick


Dogs get confused by a simple magic trick

This is very amazing video featuring a Finnish magician “Jose Ahonen” playing a simple magic trick with dogs and dogs get confused by this magic trick. Jose vanishes a biscuit under their noses and dogs try hard to find their hidden treat. The reactions of dogs are priceless and pretty hilarious. This video is gaining popularity on internet with millions of YouTube views. In addition this clip has received 56,473 likes as well. Jose plays this magic trick with many dogs. He has mentioned their names as well. Jose kneels down onto the floor in front of a dog with a treat in his hands. But as soon as the dog moves to grab it he makes it disappear. He does the same with each dog and each of them gets confused after the treat gets disappeared in front of them. As it is just a trick so most probably Jose pulls the threat into his right sleeve. Actually if you watch very carefully then you will notice that he hides it into his right sleeve. None of the pets notice this and each of them starts looking around to find it.


Dogs begin sniffing downward to find the hidden treat. Immediately when the treat disappears, most dogs look in each direction and then try to find by using their smelling power but none of them could find it. Few of them start walking around in circles. A little cute pup Nino tries to find the hidden treat under Jose’s knees. One of the dogs starts licking him. Another dog Salli bards at him after not finding the treat. The last pup runs away immediately after not getting it. One of the dogs named as Gado, might have the funniest reaction among all. The dog frantically walks in a circle and then in multiple directions as he sniffs his paws. Dogs are one of the favorite pets for humans and all the dogs shown in this video are really cute and do not worry about their treat because in the video’s description, Jose notes, ” By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick.” He also says that the second part of this video will be out soon.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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