Drive thru headless prank { Very Funny Video }

Drive thru headless prank


This funny video is recorded by Rahat the Magician Prankster. The drive-thru prankster is back to terrorize the fast food workers of America with another drive thru prank. Rahat the Magician Prankster became Internet-famous with his notorious “invisible driver” video on YouTube.

He made a costume that looked just like the seat of his car, and filmed the reactions of drive-thru workers when a car pulled up to the window with “nobody” driving it. Hilarity. In his latest video, Rahat pulls up to the 11 fast food pick-up windows, decapitated and all employees’ have different expressions. The reactions of the employees to the headless driver are priceless! I promise you will laugh. Some of them were scared at very first moment and then they were smiling after realizing that it’s a prank.

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In the begging of this video he tells that he is going to drive thru headless then he sits in his car and starts the drive-thru prank. When he visits the first window the lady get scared, she closes the window quickly and move backward while keeping her both hands on her mouth. On the second window lady pulls the food packet back and then smile and tells her colleagues that she was scared, then one the ladies ask him that “where is your head”. On the third window it was so funny, the white lady was looking at her name plate and when she open the window and looks at the headless driver she suddenly she get scared and moves backward. Her expression was very funny. On the fourth window lady starts shouting and starts calling Shaara. On the sixth window the lady was so scared that she was crying. Some fast food workers are talking to him and telling him that he scared them. On some windows when he gets his hand out of the car then nobody could take that money because everybody got scared, on worker was offering him to keep the change. And  I think my favourite part is when one girl asks, “Where yo head at?” and someone replies, “He ain’t got none!” and the way the second lady closes the window to make sure it doesn’t come in. You will also like the one near the end where they say to go get that lady Kathy, that she’ll faint when she sees him. I like how when she does see him and she shuts the window and hobbles away screaming. Each fast food worker was scared at very first moment but then after knowing that it is a prank then everybody was smiling and some were calling their colleagues as well. This prank is really beautifully done and i am sure that you will enjoy this video and you will laugh at every fast food worker’s expressions.

Thanks for watching this “drive-thru headless prank” video and i hope you enjoy it.

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