World’s Most Amazing Beach


World’s Most Amazing Beach

Huge water wave against rocks


This is one of the most amazing videos ever shot. This awesome scene of huge water waves striking against rocks is recorded on one of the beaches in Thailand near Bangkok city. The sight view is really wonderful and people are enjoying the sight, water and everything around them with their friends and families. Children are playing in the water and one of people is recording everything in his/her camera staying outside the water. The small beach is surrounded by the wall of rocks and water is coming from the other side to the beach side through small gaps in between the rocks. Then suddenly you will see that water waves are striking against the rocks from the other side and these waves make the beach view more beautiful. First, small water waves strike against rocks from all across and water falls to beach side above the rocks and then every time waves get bigger.


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Most of the people on the beach do not notice these waves but when waves get bigger and bigger every time then everybody pay their attention towards water waves. Few of them get scared and they come out of the water but still there are some people who are not scared and are enjoying the waves. Even the cameraman does zoom out on the camera. Then you will be amazed and stunned when you will the last wave which is really high and it covers the whole wall of rocks and it all looks white while having a very large wave striking against. It looks really awesome, you can hear a lady and a man who were recording this video, they were really amazed but at one point when very large wave strike, they look scared from their little conversation when lady was saying “oh my god”. But there is a one lady who is sitting on the chair just in the front of the person who is recording all this and that lady is so busy in drinking some thing that she did not even turn around to look at the waves. She looks absolutely unaware of whats happening over there.

Such kind of high water waves were recorded when Tsunami came in Japan. The waves are caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, generally an ocean or a large lake, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions, landslides, glacier calving s and other disturbances above or below water all have the potential to generate huge water waves.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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