Boiling water turns into snow in Russia

Boiling water turns into snow in Russia


This hot water experiment video is recorded in Russia. An amateur scientist has made it more entertaining by showing us what happens to just boiled water when it meets extreme cold at -40 degree Celsius winter temperatures.

He tells us that the outside temperature is -41 degree and he shows this weather report on his phone as well. There is a complete weather report on his cell phone which is not very clear in this video. The man is wearing a large parka and a pot of boiling water is laying just next to him on something which looks like a table. You can see a balcony from where the amateur scientist is going to do this experiment. Then he pulls up the hood of his parka and opens the door to go outside for the experiment.

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He steps out in the balcony having that hot water pot in his hands. You can see snow everywhere outside in this video and everything is just covered with snow, it all looks white outside. You can imagine how cold it would be outside. Then he begins the show, he looks down in the street from his balcony and then tosses the water from the pot far over the railing.

Now you might be expecting rain of scalding water in the street but you will be amazed when you will see that instead of the rain of scalding water, the water evaporates immediately on the way down. It starts evaporating the moment when it leaves the pot. Not even a single drop reaches the ground. There is one more angle the video is recorded from and from that angle it looks more amazing, it seems like a rainbow, you can see immediately after the water leaves the pot, it morphs into what looks like mist and that stream of mist blows into the wind direction.

Russian village of Oymyakon where the experiment has been done, is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. The coldest ever temperature recorded was -71.2C in 1924.

Many researches have been done to find out why boiling water freezes so quickly and it has been observed that instead of cold water hot water freezes at a quicker rate because hot water is always closer to steam than cold water, so it quickly breaks into thin and small droplets when thrown into cold air and droplets freeze before they reach the ground, leaving a cloud of ice crystals.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like this amazing ‘boiling water experiment’ done by an amateur scientist in Russia.

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