Woow Amazing !! The Intelligent Cow

The Intelligent Cow


This video shows a black cow using the hand pump to drink water by herself. This entertaining video is recorded in a village of Uttar Pradesh India. You can see two cows are tied in someone’s house at different places. These both are house cows. The black cow is tied just next to a hand pump through a rope with something which is stuck into the ground. You can see a rectangular shaped fence to store the food for animals. There is a bucket lying away from her on the ground which is not approachable. Now you might be thinking that  the cow will make a sound to get someone’s attention but you will be surprised when you will see the cow drinking water herself.

The cow does not wait for someone to bring a water bucket for her. She uses that hand pump to drink clean water. Cow holds the force rod attached with hand pump into her mouth and lifts it upward and then pushes downward and then water comes out through water outlet of the hand pump attached opposite to force rod, cow drinks that water with her tongue. As each time less water comes out so the cow has to repeat it several times to drink plenty of water. Then she cleans her mouth with her tongue.

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Usually pets like dogs and horses are considered as intelligent animals but this intelligent cow has proved us wrong.  Generally these animals need someone to look after them who can feed them, milk them and give water to drink but this video has told us that sometimes they are not dependent on someone for their basic needs. Normally we can see animals eating grass and drinking water by their own when they are set free but this is the first time we are watching a tied house cow drinking water using hand pump which is generally used by human beings. Cows are mainly raised for milk, meat, and dairy products but in India cows are venerated within the Hindu religion. According to vedic scriptures they are to be treated with the same respect ‘as one’s mother’ because of the milk they provide to human beings.

This cow might have keep on repeating this action everyday, if you notice at your own house if you have cows at your home then you will see that animals learn by watching the things. Like they become use to their feeding time, milking time and other daily activities when we keep on repeating everyday at the fixed time. If we provide water to a cow two times a day then after some days she will become use to it and she will drink water at the same time.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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