Must Watch !! Expert and lucky Russian truckers


Expert and lucky Russian truckers

Russian truckers are more experienced and skilled than other truckers in any country. They perform unbelievable stunts and show incredible skills. You can find lot of amazing videos of Russian drivers on internet. This video shows the most lucky escapes and skills of Russian drivers.Different clips have been compiled in this video. Most of the shots have been taken by the cameras mounted on the hoods of the vehicles. In Russia and few other countries it is mandatory to mount a camera on the hood of any vehicle so that activities on the road can be recorded in those cameras. It is actually a good thing. In few shots Russian truckers are showing their skills. As in the beginning a professional trucker is drifting with his truck.


Very rarely we see anyone drifting with heavy vehicle. In the second shot a truck is running on the road then suddenly a car enters in the lane and that truck driver applies sudden brakes but truck drifts because of sudden brakes and fortunately that truck driver manages to control the truck. In the next shot you see that the road is partially covered with snow and one truck slips on it and driver hardly manages to control the vehicle.

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In the next shot it is raining and the road is wet and slippery, a truck running on the road takes sudden turn and driver drifts the truck and takes turn without any difficulty. Next shot is taken by the camera mounted on the truck itself which is drifting on the road. It looks amazing to watch it from the truck’s camera. In next shot a truck applies sudden brakes because of the traffic ahead and driver manages to get the truck on one side safely without hitting other vehicles. In the next shot a truck is loaded with heavy pipes on it and suddenly loses control but luckily truck driver gets the truck back on the track. A truck driver crosses other vehicles while driving on wrong hand at high speed. It seemed like the truck was about to collide with another truck coming from the opposite side but truck driver manages to pass that safely. A truck driver takes u turn on very tight road. This truck driver seems highly skilled and experienced. Another trucker performs stunts on his truck. He makes his truck to jump. In another shot a man is walking in between the road and when truck driver notice it then he manages to save that man without applying brakes. He turn his truck left and right and manages to pass that man without loosing control of the truck. In other shots few truckers are performing stunts like stopping the truck to short distance.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you enjoyed it.

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