Very funny and the craziest windows 8 ad ever made


The craziest windows 8 ad ever made

Different companies do different things to promote their products. Everyday we watch so many ads from different companies on TV. Advertisements play big role in making people aware of the products available in market and most people buy products after watching ads. Microsoft is a well known company in computer’s world and they have made an ad to promote newly launched windows 8 and this ad is very hilarious.

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The concept of this ad is Beautiful and Fast. Through this ad Microsoft has tried to show how beautiful and fast windows 8 is. This software is user friendly. This ad video is featuring few Japanese girls participating in a competition to look beautiful by putting some make-up on face. There is a lady who gives instructions to other ladies who are going to participate. She explains them all the rules and regulations of this competition. There is a time limit of 10 seconds to get ready. She asks other ladies to get ready for the competition, she asks one lady to start her make-up after beginning the countdown. The first participant highlights her eyebrow first then apply eye liner and then apply some red power on cheeks and then lipstick on lips. The time ends then instructor lady asks her to stop and when you look at that participant, she looks ugly after make-up. She could not put it on decently. Then second participant starts her turn. She applies some make-up on her eyes with her fingers and then powder on her cheeks and then uses her both hands to apply lipstick on her lips. She does all this very fast but could not wear it gently. The instructor shouts when time ends for each participant. Even second participant does not look beautiful after make-up as she could not do it properly with perfection.

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Then after these two ladies third participant starts her turn and unexpectedly this lady does not start form her face. She puts on make-up on a piece of paper kept on the table. She applies powder, eyeliner and lipstick on that paper, then she put her face on that piece of paper and when she rises her face up then she leaves everybody surprised with her look. She looks beautiful than other two girls and she has done make-up very decently. This shows the fastest and different way to do something. In the end the beauty and the way to put make-up on has been related to windows 8 performance. This is very funny and interesting ad i have ever seen.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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