Very Funny !! Wildebeest from Birdbox Studio


Wildebeest from Birdbox Studio

This is very funny and different video by Birdbox Studio. This is an animated video featuring a group of wildebeests. It shows how stupid they are. They are faster than even lions but they are not so intelligent. There are other so many videos posted by Birdbox Studio but this is the best one among all other videos.

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In this video some wildebeests want to cross the river. Two of them are standing on the edge of the lake and they see something inside the water which is partially visible. Some part of that thing can be seen outside the water. Two wildebeests are staring at that thing and shaking their ears. One of them says it is a crocodile and the second one shakes his head and says that it is a piece of wood floating over the water. It is actually shown in the circle made on the screen. They both argue then first one throws a small piece of rubble on that thing and when it does not move at all then second one again says that it is piece of wood. But first one keeps on insisting that it is crocodile waiting for a right moment to attack on them. Then first one picks a stick with his foot and hits on that thing, tries to shake it but that thing does not move at all. It seems like nothing is happening to it. When it does not react at all then second one again insists that it is piece of wood floating over the water. But first one keeps on insisting that it is a crocodile, he throws water on it but get no response by that thing. After realizing that it may be a piece of wood the first one jumps on it and stands on it. Actually first wildebeest was right, it was a crocodile hiding himself under the water to attack them on a right moment. The crocodile attacks on first wildebeest standing on him and eats it.

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The crocodile again hides himself and pretends like something else floating over the water. When second one comes to know that it is a crocodile then third one argues it is piece of wood. This is very funny and it made me laugh, i was in tears almost when i watched it first time and i am sure same will happen with you. Birdbox Studio has done a great job by making this funny animated video.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you like it.

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