Awesome !! Liam Morgan Raw Run


Liam Morgan Raw Run Vol 2

This is Liam Morgan’s second Blood Orange video of Raw Run. He is an athlete and a skateboarder as well and lives in Alameda, California. Right now he works at Skate Blood Orange. He is highly skilled and talented guy. He has posted so many other videos on internet but this is one of his best videos.

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Beautiful track has been used as background music to make this video more entertaining and watchable. The song used in this video is “Place to Be” by Surreal & The Sound Providers. I really like the way they start the video shot. Liam Morgan is wearing a helmet for safety. He shows his skills on a board. He starts his raw run and a car follows him. The camera is mounted on the hood of the car following him to record this video. The whole video is very amazing. He runs at very high speed and does few stunts on board. He almost touches the edge of the road and few cars come from the other side. But he performs it very well. Sometimes it feels like he will collapse with any car or will get down from the road. For sometime he moves all across the road but then he starts running on his side. At one point it seems like he has lost balance but he manages it very well and keeps on moving on board. He takes all the turns on the road very well without any difficulty and without loosing balance. At 1.13 it seems like he will collide with that car coming from the front but he manages to pass it safely. Sometimes he points his fingers towards the camera following him and and ask to keep following him.

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This raw run is rawest of all his other runs. This whole video is recorded in just one take. There is no camera trick or anything else fake is included. This is a pure video of raw run. We find very few videos on internet recorded without camera tricks. This is called pure talent. I think there is no other way to show his skills and talent than a raw run. It requires lot more practice to do such kind of things.

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