Baby & Me … The new Evian film


The new Evian film

This entertaining video has been filmed to promote Evian. Evian is a much popular brand of luxury mineral water, it is popular among Hollywood celebrities. It is an expensive bottled water. Evian mineral water comes from several sources near Evian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva in France.

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This advertising video is very amazing and entertaining. The video starts from high building’s shot and a man walks on the street, when he reaches near a bus then he sees a child in the mirror of the bus window. The child is wearing same clothes as him. He gets surprised and then sees himself in a car’s side mirror but he finds the same child reflected in the mirror. Then he looks in a big mirror on the street and again he finds the same child. The child in the mirror copies him, just to make sure he moves his legs and the child in the mirror does the same. Then he starts dancing and the child dances along with him. So actually it is his childhood reflected in the mirror. A beautiful lady comes there and watches that man dancing in front of the mirror. Then suddenly she also finds a little girl in the mirror wearing the same dress and copying her in everything. She starts enjoying all this and starts dancing. The little girl in the mirror copies her. Within moments other people come there and find their little matches in the mirror. Everybody starts dancing and their little matches copy them all respectively. People do funny dance steps in front of the mirror. Near the end an old lady comes with her dog and she also finds her little match and dog’s little match in the mirror. She starts dancing little bit but this time the little girl in the mirror does not copy her, she just keeps on staring at her. In the end Evian brand water bottle is shown, the theme of this video is “live young”.

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This is one of the most amazing and entertaining advertisement ever made by any company. I am wondering if it happens in real life then it will be so cool to watch our little matches in the mirror. I really like this video.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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