Wow!! Extreme Catapulting

Extreme Catapulting


This is an amazing video featuring a man decides to springboard with a massive Crane-mounted weight. This is an amazing and really difficult stunt performed ever by someone.Two friends plan an incredible stunt on a place where the construction is going on and which is not a residential area. One of them films while staying far away form the place the man is going to perform the stunt from, the other men sneaks up to a huge compaction crane.He runs towards the weight having a yellow catapult in his right hand and a long stick in his left hand. He is wearing a parachute on his back. If you will notice that he is carrying something on his left shoulder, which is not very clear in this video. You can see how fast that heavy weight comes down, you can hear the noise as well. He reaches there when the crane-mounted weight goes up then he places his self made yellow catapult next to the crane on something which looks like a small rock with sharp upper edge and stands at the one end of that catapult and waits for that weight to fall at the other end of that catapult. Then suddenly the weight rushes down and within a fraction of second before you understand anything the guy just disappears from there. The force hurls the guy high up into the sky. The guy gets launched straight up, highly unlikely even the guy in the crane didn’t see him. The guys who are recording this video in camera, you can hear them shouting with joy. After some time when the guy points his camera up in the sky then we see something falling down and that is the guy who got launched by the crane-mounted weight up in the sky. Then he deploys his parachute to land safely on the ground. This is one of the amazing and dangerous stunts performed ever. These guys are highly skilled and trained.


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Extreme Catapulting.

We notice one thing that the physics in here are solid enough surprisingly , seeing as momentum has to be always conserved. The weight is much heavier than him so when it transfers its momentum to him, he has to go much faster to yield the same momentum. So his upward velocity is plus-able. Besides all this he performed this stunt so neatly that nobody can understand what actually happens in the video, so i am sure that you will watch it again and again.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like this amazing stunt performed ever by this guy.

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