Luckiest people in the world !! Close encounters


Luckiest people in the world

A video of random clips showing just how lucky people are. These are shots taken by some of the luckiest people in the world. Everyone has luck for once in their lifetime and here is these people’s luck. In this random clips video you will see close encounters with death.

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a guy who crosses the road on a traffic light then suddenly a bus comes very fast and hits a car then comes towards that man but fortunately that man is saved by some inches :

the lucky camera man in the world who is filming the arrival of a train and then from the other direction another train comes and luckily that man is standing at just few inches from the track :

a car driver, when he sees a truck drifting on the road and coming towards him, then he stops his car and he is saved. You can see the date and time in this clip when this incident happened :

a man who is walking through the street and then gets a close contact with a car which is getting reversed, it seems like the car driver was about to perform a stunt :

a guy at the gas station who almost had the worst gas station experience of all time, the vehicle just standing next to him is totally smashed by an uncontrolled truck :

again a lucky guy walking on the road side and he was just about to hit by two fast cars, the white car wants to take right turn but a van comes in its way and they strike with each other :

a guy in an army training camp who got a gun shot almost close to his head, anyways he looks better without a hat :

a man in a car race, the yellow car is rolled over and that man saved his life by running from there immediately :

a lady is walking on the road and then suddenly a tree fells down just before her :

a baby crossing the road with her mother :

a lucky cameraman in the car rally :

a man and a woman who are crossing the railway track, the train arrives just after they cross the track :

a girl who is giving pose for the camera by taking her head out of the window in the train :

a car which slides on the wet road :

a man waiting to cross the road on his bike:

the owner of what appears to be the thinnest car ever :

the lucky uninterested street crosser :

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the driver of the car who lived everyone’s worst fear so we don’t have to :

cop on the bike:

luckiest child crossing road with his mother :

luckiest truck driver in Russia :

the luckiest teens alive :

the clumsiest train hopper ever :

and granny :  These all were the close calls for the luckiest people in the world .

Most of us have such experience at least once in a life and i wish for rest of us not to have. Thanks for watching this video and i believe that you do not want to experience this.

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