People Are Awesome – Extreme Sports Action




People Are Awesome – Extreme Sports Action

This video of random clips showing awesome people doing amazing things. These sports stunts are crazy, fast, dangerous and 100% awesome. Please note that the song used here was extended to more than half it’s original time in order to fit the video. The awesome stunts from different sports included in this video are- Drifting a car from over the man, Paragliding through mountains, Snowboarding, Fun at illegal water slide in Australia, Performing paragliding stunt just near to ground, A snowboarder performing stunts, World record snowmobile jump, Sliding stunts in a water park, Climbing up to a high mountain, Jump in a waterfall in kayak, Wing-suit across the river, World’s largest rope swing, A man doing cycling stunts, A man rolling over the water waves, Back flip stunt on a mini bike, Wing-suit through mountains, Back flip with a tree on a mini bike, Riding a bike on the water, Back flip on snowmobile, Climbing up with only hands without any support of feet, Touching a plane on bike when plane is about to Take off , Bike racing through forest area, Riding a bicycle on the thin track made of tree, Guy walks across tightrope between two mountains, Stunts in the sky before opening parachute, Water skating through waves, Flying on a plane’s wing, Road skating, Stunts with a bicycle on the roof, Riding bike at very high speed, Cycling across mountains, Parachute landing, World’s widest slip and slide, Balancing on the rope in the air between two mountains without any protection, The art of flight –  film trailer, Avalanche cliff jump with Matthias Giraud, Human slingshot slip and slide, World’s widest slip and slide, Wing-suit racing, Human flight at 140mph, China’s Tianmen mountain, Drift innovation, Human flight athlete.


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These all stunts are awesome and incredible. Most of the clips in this video are of wing-suit, ice skating and water skating stunts. All the stunts are performed beautifully. I am sure that you would love to watch this video again and again.

People Are Awesome – Extreme Sports Action

There is always a risk of life involved in such kind of dangerous stunts. Truly hats off to the courage and skills of these awesome people. These people are well trained and are ready to take any challenge at any point of time. Some of them have made world records . These stunts were performed in different sports and we have tried to bring all extreme sports actions together in this video to make it more amazing and entertaining.

Thanks for watching this amazing sports video and i hope you will enjoy all the actions.

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