Asian girl’s amazing magic trick


Asian girl’s amazing magic trick

Check out this Asian girl’s amazing magic trick video. This is really awesome. You might have seen people hiding eggs, oranges and other items, but how about this girl literally making her head fall off and then putting it back on. In the beginning when the curtains are opened then a girl enters on the stage wearing black dress and a red cap on his head. Both of her hands touching each other.She looks towards the audience and then suddenly incredible thing happens, she drops her head on her hands then walks forward, then she drops her whole body on the floor and she leaves the audience stunned. It is scary but little funny as well as she is performing on the Britains Got Talent 2013 funniest auditions. While lying on the ground she is still looking towards audience and her head is still lying on her hands. She smiles little bit and then she lifts up her black upper cloth she is wearing and then after some time she straighten her legs and then puts her head back on her shoulders with the support of her both hands and then she comes back to the normal standing position. After performing her trick she smiles a lot and everybody cheer up, then a lady awards her with a medal around her neck.

I think it would have been a scary act if not performed in funniest auditions. You might be thinking about the technique she used to perform this trick, even do i. Few things you can notice that one of her hands does not look real, probable the left hand. During the whole show she keeps her both hands together. But anyways it does not matter that how the trick was performed, the thing which is important that she has done it beautifully, she entertained us and won the medal as well for her performance.

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This amazing magic trick was performed by an Asian girl Lucky Lopez on the Britains Got Talent 2013 funniest auditions and she was among the top 10 participants. She performed this magic trick very neatly. To perform suck kind of funniest and magic trick someone needs to be highly skilled and trained so that nobody could judge that how the trick is performed. And really hats off to the talent of this Asian girl that she performed this kind of magic trick in such a big talent show.

My suggestion to you is that do not use your mind to understand the trick, just enjoy it.

Thanks for watching this amazing magic trick video and i hope you like it and will watch it again and again.

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