1 Horse Against 18 Men

1 Horse Against 18 Men


This amazing and awesome ‘1 horse against 18 men’ video was shot in Belgium. In this pulling contest one Belgian draft horse competes against a group of 18 strong men in a tug of war. Both the horses are young, well trained and strong.

One of these Belgian draft horses whose name is Joep is ready for the pulling contest against 18 strong men. The horse is tethered to a rope and other end of that rope is held by 18 men. All of the men try to pull the horse back to their side by applying full power and energy but horse pulls them all to his side very easily.

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These Belgian draft horses are well trained and strong enough to compete even against 100 men. The head of these horses is comparatively small and refined, with an intelligent expression. Belgian horses are able to pull tremendous weights around 12.000 pounds. The Belgian Heavy Draft horse stands between 16.2 and 17 hands (66 and 68 inches, 168 and 173 cm). This video made me laugh and i hope you also like this video.

Thanks for watching this amazing and awesome video.

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