Unbelievable Ping-Pong Knife Throwing Stunt

Unbelievable Ping-Pong Knife Throwing Stunt


This is an amazing and unbelievable ping-pong knife throwing stunt video from Tumba ping pong show that features a man throwing knives at a woman who catches them with paddles. In this video you can see a women holding two ping pong paddles, a man steps forward with two knives in his both hands and a paddle in his back pocket along with one more knife and proceeds to smack them into the woman who catches each blade with her paddles, then he smacks one placing a pineapple off her head. They top it all off with a ping pong ball to the mouth and a thumbs up in the end.


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During the whole stunt the man was so confident and he performed it well, even the woman was not scared at all. I am sure you will like this video and will be impressed by the skills of this man and also hats off to the courage of this woman. This stunt is all about skills, confidence, courage and perfectionism.

Thanks for watching this amazing video from Tumba ping pong show.

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