Wow!! Fake beggar vs smart girls


Fake beggar vs smart girls

This is funny Thai advertisement by Thailand Channel. It shows two smart girls revealing a fake beggar. The video was uploaded on internet few months back and people from all around the world are liking this funny advertisement. This videos has got about 52,000 views on YouTube and the numbers are increasing day by day. People are sharing this video on their websites as well.

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Two girls are walking on a bridge pathway. They see a beggar without legs begging for money on that pathway. While looking at his legs it looks like that he is really handicapped. He is holding a bowl and ask for money while putting his head down. One of the girls takes her wallet out of her bag to give him some money, but the second girl stops her and asks her that she will give something to the beggar. She takes her wallet out, touches it with her forehead and places a lizard in his bowl. Beggar also touches it to his forehead to say thank you, and when he gets it down then gets scared after seeing lizard and throws the bowl down and immediately stands up on his legs. His fake half legs are hanging out of his half pant. He says something to the girls and walks away.

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There are so many fake beggars asking for money. You might have heard about rich beggars. Begging has become a profession and people are making good bucks from begging. There are so many videos on internet about fake beggars, some of those are featuring beggars themselves giving their interviews. Besides fake beggars, there are so many other genuine helpless people begging on the streets but because of fake beggars, people are not even helping those genuine helpless beggars. Now people will become skeptic towards people who really have nothing in their life.

Thanks for watching this funny Thai advertisement video and i hope you liked it. And next time be careful while giving money to any beggar because there are mostly fake beggars sitting across the streets, so there is no use to help suck kind of beggars. On the other hand if you know somebody who really needs your help, always go ahead and help him, because after helping someone you will feel much better and you will get blessings from that someone.

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