Must Watch !! Fake beggar scam busted


Fake beggar scam busted

Begging has become a profession of ease. A news reporter followed a beggar days and nights and they found that the pretty girl pretends to be crippled only to make easy money. She begs money during the day and lives normal life during evening and night time. She goes for shopping and meets her friends over night.

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You can see a lady begging for money on the street holding a cup in one hand and two crutches to walk with. She goes to the market where people come for shopping and shakes her cup for donation. She goes in front of the branded showrooms like Gucci which attract wealthy people and one by one people drop cash into her cup and she gets her cup filled with money within a short time. She gets about 50 donations within an hour on busy days. She looks like a sad and desperately lady. When reporters follow her then they find her hopping into a mini van after getting off a bus in queens. But after some time its a totally different looking woman that emerges when the van pulls over.

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You can see her walking perfectly fine and of course the crutches are gone. Reporters find her crossing streets, maneuvering upstairs, meeting up with friends and doing a little shopping. Next day she again goes to her work of begging. She changes her clothes into her mini van. When a reporter tells her that they have been following her for last couple of days and they have come to know about her truth, even then like any good actor she does not break her character. She lies about her back, she tells that she hurt it in an accident.

Now people will become skeptic towards people who really have nothing in their life. She is pure example of greed. This kind of things stop people giving to those who really do need help. This is not a respective way to live life. According to me, people who actually need help, they try to fix their problems themselves by finding some work to earn money, they are not out in the streets begging for money. We should always grab them something to drink or eat. But most of time i have seen that they decline the food, they just ask for money. Now its up to you, whether you want to give someone money or grab something to eat or drink. I think nobody should fake an illness to benefit off of others.

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