Must Watch !! Great performance by Salut Salon


Great performance by Salut Salon

Four ladies come on the stage and give their best performance ever. One of them plays piano, two of them play violins and fourth lady plays cello. They all are very brilliant and talented. They all are absolutely stunning on so many levels. The video is wracking up millions of YouTube views and in addition, the video has received about 11,000 likes as well. The number of views are increasing rapidly every day.

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In beginning three ladies are already standing on the stage and then fourth lady comes on the stage holding cello in her hands. Then they start playing their instruments one after another. It seems like they are competing with each other. Some times they play each other’s instruments as well. They play instruments in different ways with different styles. This is all part of their performance. Near the end they play all together and produce very lovely music. They finish their performance in style and give a pose together in the end. These ladies are brilliant and they are so beautiful.

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Two friends Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried founder Salut Salon in 2000. Both of them were born in 1972 in Hamburg. Other members of the group have been replaced many times. Presently Anne Von Twardowski and Sonja Lena Schmid are part of this group. Sonja plays cello and Anne plays piano. Both are with Salut Salon since 2008. They have performed in many countries and won many awards as well. They released their first CD “What can the heart for it” in 2005. There is a movie also by these ladies named as “Salut Salon – Lady Power in the quartet”, which was released in 2012.

These ladies are really amazing. This is not something which we have never seen tho, but the way these ladies played all the instruments, is really awesome and different. I hope you liked it.

Thanks for watching this video.

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