Must watch !! Fearless men performing stunts in well of death

Fearless men performing stunts in well of death


This amazing video was shot in a theme park in Kurukshetra. There are two bikes and three maruti 800 cars in a well of death. At first you might be thinking that what they are going to do in the well with these vehicles, but whatever they do in the well, is just amazing, awesome and something incredible. First of all let me tell you that this is a barrel shaped wooden cylinder, ranging from 25-36 feet in diameter.

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One of them is already riding a bike and he starts at the bottom in the centre and within seconds he gains enough speed to ride horizontally to the floor. He performs stunts as well, he takes his hands off the bike and keeps on riding it at the same speed horizontally to the floor. In a meantime another rider joins him with his bike and he does the same as well. He performs some other stunts like keeping legs on the same side. People are watching from the top and they are enjoying the show and cheering them up. Both the riders are not wearing any helmet for the safety. They are performing such dangerous stunts without any safety. They keep on riding the bikes on optimum speed to maintain the balance and to keep a safe distance from each other. It looks really amazing. At one point it looks like they are about to collapse with each other but they overtake each other safely. Then they ride parallel to each other and hold each others hand. They are riding bikes while standing on the bikes. They almost touch the upper edge of the well. Then at the bottom other stuntmen are preparing to join them with their cars. In a short time they also gain the enough speed to drive cars horizontally to the ground. Drivers hang out of the windows of the cars and one of them hold the hand of bike rider while moving his car parallel to the bike. Then both car drivers hold each others hand while driving both the cars parallel and bike rider follows them. Then one by one they left the show and park their vehicle on the ground.

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These are very dangerous stunts and lives of these stuntmen are always at stake while performing all this and they don’t take any kind of safety either. These stunts are performed mostly in India and Pakistan. I have never watched any stuntman form any other country doing this stunt. But the disappointment over here is that these stuntmen do not get good bucks even after risking their lives to entertain others. But anyways hats off to the courage of these men.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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