Sweet baby experiences rain for the very first time

Sweet baby experiences rain for the very first time


Childhood is the age span ranging from birth to adolescence. All of us have sweet memories and precious moments from our childhood. Kids are always full of life and joy because at this stage of life kids do not have any responsibilities, worries and tensions. Kids enjoy every moment of the life they have. A sweet little girl in this video does a better job of explaining it.

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A mother has given her daughter a priceless gift by filming her when she was experiencing rain for the very first time during her childhood. This video is very popular on You Tube and this little girl will have this priceless gift and precious moment with her for the rest of her life. As shown on the screen in the video the girl’s name is Kayden and she was 15 months old when this video was recorded on 12-18-13. Its raining outside and mother leaves Kayden outside in the courtyard, kayden runs towards camera. A beautiful song is used in the background. Title of the song is ” In my arms ” by Jon Foreman. Kayden smiles and goes back into the rain to enjoy it. She walks in the rain and feels it on her hands by raising her hands up. When her mother calls her then she looks towards her. Her mother is smiling and kayden is screaming with joy. She is shaking her hands, she is like totally unaware of the surrounding and enjoying the water drops falling on her hands and face. When one of the ladies bring her inside the house then kayden cries and she is insisting like she is angry by this action and she wants to play in rain. Then she walks back in the courtyard to enjoy the rain while hardly managing to keep her steps in line. She keeps on smiling till the time she plays in rain. Everybody else out there are also enjoying the weather because of kayden. When kayden looks towards them then she smiles and screams. Ladies are talking to each other and sometimes they call kayden but because of the background music its really hard to understand. A little white dog comes and runs inside the house.

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This video explains so many things about kids and childhood. When we grow up then many of us lose joy of discovering and experiencing new things in life and it takes a little sweet girl to show us why we should always hang on to it. Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it and you will try to recall the precious memories from your childhood.

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