Amazing !! Driving a car on three wheels

Driving a car on three wheels


Red Green ( Steve Smith ) is back with his another short and amazing project. He is here to give us an idea for saving money using his own incredible and funny methods. In the starting of this video he is taking his axe out of the body shell of his car. There is a wrecking ball laying on the ground close to him.

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He says that nowadays everybody wants to save the money so he is going to tell a simple way to save money. He gets the wrecking ball after the demolition crane and picks this heavy weight to hang up on front left fender of the car. He tells that everybody might be thinking that how this weight is going to help him in saving money because it looks heavy and it will increase the weight of the car and will reduce the mileage. Then he asks to have some patience. He sits inside the car and starts the engine, when he moves his car and the camera captures the moving car then what comes next make us all laugh. The car has just three tyres and the rear right side tyre is missing. In this way he tells that he is saving 25% of the total fuel consumed by the engine running on four tyres and the price money for that fourth tyre. He hangs the wrecking ball to balance the car. This is very funny and interesting thing.

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The Red Green Show was a Canadian television comedy in which title character Red Green ( Steve Smith ) was a handyman who tried to find shortcuts to most of his interesting projects. There are so many episodes of Red Green Show such as Neither Rain Nor Sleet, The New Monument, Curse Of The Mummy, The Marine Show Project, Practical Joke Week, The Strange Ranger, College Life, House Moving, The Silver Project, Harold’s Leaving, The Storm Damage Project, The Running Of The Bulls, The Elvis Sighting, Snowed In, Toe The Line and many more on the list. In total about 300 episodes in 15 seasons have been released till 2006. There are six characters in the show including Smith. The length of every show is about 20-24 minutes. The show ran on CBC television and PBS stations from 1991 to 2006. Red Green used to wear same type of clothes in ever episode. He is very interesting and funny character and i hope you like his idea and way of saving money.

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