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On different TV channels we have watched lions attacking humans and other animals so far and eating them after attack but have you ever thought that it could be funny when a lion attacks human. Till now you might be scared of any lion’s attack but this is the first time that you will laugh while watching a lion attacking humans.

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Three men come to a jungle in their mini bus and one of them having a gun hanging on his shoulders. Two of them look like hunters and third one looks like a guide. They leave their bus and walks on feet into the jungle. Then suddenly they see a lion roaring aloud and trying to attack on them, they all start running very fast towards bus to save themselves and lion follows them. When they reach to the bus then two of them hide under the bus and third one gets inside the bus and moves it without getting others in. When hidden men see that the bus has gone then they stand up and run again after it. One of them who is wearing blue clothes climbs up on a tree and the other fellow who is not having any cloth over his body he finds another tree to climb up. The man in blue climbs on a thin and young tree and that tree bends down towards the ground and even the lion climbs on the same tree to make it more bending so that man can come in his attacking range but then something funny and unpredictable happens, the naked man watch all this and he comes down and try to scare the lion to save the other fellows life, and you wouldn’t believe the lion gets scared and runs away leaving that man behind. It looks very funny. In a meantime third men who ran away with bus comes back and feels sorry that he did not realize, but the guy in blue interrupts him and says he does not want to talk about it and they move to get in the bus.

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This video clip has been taken from a movie. If i am not wrong then it is from “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. This is a South African comedy movie which was released in 1984 in USA. This video clip made me laugh and i hope you also enjoy this clip and it makes you laugh for a while.

Thank you for watching this funny lion attack video and i hope you are not scared of lions anymore.

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